torsdag den 24. oktober 2013

American life

Hi there. So some stuff happened since I typed the last post and I actually uploaded it, So I thought I'd do one more.

Radio Drama:
The first thing is that I have started doing a radio drama. Avery works at the radio station, and he has been doing these dramas for a while, and when he asked if any of the drama club member wanted to join, I jumped at the chance.
Wee are about 7 people who go to the radio station. Avery is in charge so he decides who does what, and then we pretty much just take turns recording. It's very on the spot and a great voice acting exercise. When we aren't recording, we are talking in another room. It is a lot of fun. Right now we are doing a radio drama called "Yours truly, Johnny Dollar" which was very popular in the 50's. When we are done with that we will do Avery's original radio drama called "Eddie Mackin, Privat eye". Once we are done with Johnny Dollar the episodes will be uploaded to youtube, so I will link to them so you guys can hear them.

Shooting Range:
A Sunday Isaac took me to the shooting range close to town, to get the full 'Murica experience. We shot with his granddad's 0.22 rifle (I still find it a little bizarre that people just have guns laying around ;D) I think I hit the target about 3 out 0f 40 times, so needless to say, my guns skills aren't that good. It was however extremely fun and I will definitely be going back. I also did the whole pointing and shooting all the bullets really fast, and it was very exhilarating;D 

We are getting better and better at doing our play in school. We went off book (No manuscript) last week and are trying to get through the transitions more smoothly. Today we voted on posters and decided that we are going to film the play, so to my family, you will get to see it;D The last couple of days I have been out fund raising for Thescon. Thescon is the second biggest drama convention in the US and we are going to it! we each need to pay/fund raise 150 dollars, which I have managed to do. At first going into stores and asking for donations seemed a bit daunting, but it really wasn't that bad, and it is a good way to see more shops from downtown. And of course doing it with friendsmakes it fun.
I also got a part in the christmas play which our town theatre is doing. It is the velveteen rabbit and I play the mother. The director is the same as the one for our drama club at school. I am quite excited.

Last weekend Isaac was invited to Mitchell's mom's wedding so I went with him as his date. It was a beautiful wedding and it was fun to experience the differences. The vows were different (The whole I do thing like you see on movies) and they did the throwing of the bouquet (I did participate, though I didn't catch it XD) and of the garter.  Mitchell's brothers taught me some swing dance step and we danced a bit, and I waltzed with Isaac ;D

On Friday I had a busy day. I started out with hanging out with Isaac and then I did ballet. I had just been sick and had barely eaten anything for 3 days, so the ballet probably wasn't my best idea ever, but I got through it. Then I chilled with Isaac  and Orion, and when Isaac went to football practice, I spend about an hour with Orion. We watched "What not to wear" which is much more entertaining when you are sitting next to a boy with interesting opinions ;D Then we did a recording for the radio drama. After we finished recording Riccie (Michael), James, Orion, Avery and I went to the football game. When we got there we decided to have a little fun, so we stopped at safeway to get rearranged. James for some reason really likes being in the trunk of Orion's car so we made it look like we had kidnapped him. His  hand got tied up with a shirt and his mouth covered with my hat, and then we drove to the game. At the school we stopped the car right were people get in and opened the trunk from the car, and James stumbled out. Then Riccie and Avery got out of the car and chased him around the parking lot, before getting back into the car and driving away. We met up in the front parking lot, and James told us how people had looked very weirdly at our little scene. It was hilarious! and this is one of the big differences between having a group of boy friends and girl friends, because girls  just wouldn't think of something like this.
The game was good, but freezing, so we spent a lot of time inside. It was the last home game and we won 53-27 (Go spartans!)
After football we all went back to eat at Isaacs place. That was a really good day.

Today I just auditioned for Honor Choir. The audition consists of a solo, "America the beautiful" acapella, melodic and rythmic sight reading and aural recall. I think it went good, except for the sight reading part. I have never really done that before, so I messed up. I will know if I got in sometime next month. Fingers crossed ;D

This is it for now. At some point I will make a post about the town and the school (I have a lot of pictures for that) but for now I will leave you with this song ;D It is being qouted daily, and is a spoof on America. I will however say that they curse a lot (every second word is fuck yeah) so if you don't like that kind of language, don't listen to it  ;D

- Malene XD

Everything that has happened since last time!

Sorry, sorry, sorry. It had been ages since I last updated on here, and lots have happened. My excuse? I have been too busy participating in this new thing called life. And I really like it. Since it has been so long, I am just going to do a quick recap (I say quick although this will be a long post. You have been warned) on the most important thins, to bring you up to date.

On the 28th of August I went on a week long vacation to Maine with my host family. It started with us waking up at the godforsaken hour that is 4 a.m. to to the airport in Denver. For some reason the girls were all awake and excitedd, even though it was way to early for to be awake. After the plane ride we rented a car in Boston and drove Bar Harbor. We stayed there for two days and one of the things we did was to bike around Acadia National Park. It was really pretty and a lot of fun. The next place we went to was Rockport and there we went to a puffin museum, which was surprisingly a lot of fun. After rockport we went to Portland now since it has been a while I don't really remember everything, but some things we did was go to beaches, take a ferry ride and see lighthouses. I also had lobster for the first time. I named it Tommy because it for some reason reminded me of Tommy Lee Jones. I also almost lost my stuffed puppy Basse because I forgot him at a hotel (How did I do that?) but luckily I got him back ;D

They loved christmas

Lobster city

Acadia National Park

So far pretty much everyone I have met have been really nice, and I have managed to get two groups of pretty awesome friends. I have a group of 4 people that hang out with often after school, and the weird group which consist of me and drama boys. Since I have gotten a lot of questions about what my friends are like, I will do a quick summary of them here.

The "Normal" group:

Majo. 17 years old and the exchange student from Equador. She is sort of qiuet, but really fun and  a Jonas Brothers fan!!! She is probably my only normal friend, and I think she spends a lot of time wondering how on earth she ended up with such weird friends.

James. 15 years old, does sword fighting, free running(Parkour), plaays with fire and wants to be a pirate and the 13th doctor. We have several classes and drama together.

Ben. 15 years old, flamboyant, very funny and is very talented at art.

My geeky group of friends:

Adrian. 17 years old, is teaching me how to play Dungeons and Dragons, sometimes comes to school wearing nail polish or dressed as his spirit animal a cat.
The one in the green hat
Orion. 17 years old, steampunkre and anime fan. Hilarious.
The one in the hat and gloves
Aaron. 18 years old, sword enthusiast, obsessed with Vikings and game of thrones. Always wears that hat
Mitchell. 19 years old, gamer and warhammer geek, polar bear that everyone loves.
The one w/glasses
 Ricci. Drama enthusiast and likes to be the leader.
The one in the trenchcoat
 Avery. Should have lived in 1950 and always wears a suit.

My Other friends:
Preawa. 15 years old and is the exchange student from Tailand. Quiet, but very nice when you get to know her.
the one w/the paper ears
Eldy. 16 years old, tries desperately to stay normal around all us weirdos - she doesn't succeed.
The one on the top
Tala. 16 years old, tomboy and very fun to be around.

All us exchange students
 Top row. From left to right. Kamille from Poland, Miguel from Spain, Nicholas from Spain and me. Second row. Majo from Equador, Preawa from Thailand, Eldy who is from Salida and Maggi our contact person thingy.

My geeky group of friends are teaching me Dungeons and Dragons, Dark Heresy (Hope I spelled that right), Magic cards pretty much just turning me into a geek. Several of them also d warhammer and they have a steampunk crew which I am now a part of. We are also going to comic con in Denver in May and we are going to cosplay ;D As Aaron said, they are going to have turned me into a full fledged geek by christmas, so to all you at home - you have been warned ;D

Also if you are my friend on facebook, you will know that I as of the 11th of September have gotten a boyfriend. And because I know a lot of you are going to ask questions, I'll answer the most obvious ones here. His name is Isaac and he is 17 years old and a senior. We are in  drama together (and have creative writing  and earth science in school). He is on the football team, and he is jsut as dorky as the rest of our friends ;D (The geeky goup) Yes I am allowed to date, just no sex (And yes he is aware of that) Don't worry I am making sure to hang out with other people as well (Several people have stressed this point, and so far it hasn't been a problem) and don't worry dad, I have told him the story of how impressed the Americans were with your ability to shoot a moving target. We also went to homecoming together, which leads me to my next thing.
My boyfriend Isaac and I

Us at the homecoming bonfire

(I should probably say that some of these pictures were taken during spirit week, and that is why we are all dressed weird)

The week leading up to homecoming was called spirit week. Everyday had a theme, and we were supposed to dress up. Monday was movie day, which I sadly forgot, so I had to settle for my Ravenclaw pin. Tuesday was spirit animal and I dressed up as a cat. It was awesome. Wednesday was twinsday, but due to miscommunication, I didn't do that one either. I did however see a guy wearing a shirt and jeans similar to mine, so in my head we were unintentional twins. Thursday was Purple and White day (Our school colors - Go spartans) so I wore my new spartan t-shirt and made some of my hair purple with hair chalk. That day we also did float building for the parade, and since I am in the drama club, I did it with them. The drama club didn't actually have a float, so we did signs instead. We were about 12 kids making the signs, and as usual when the drama kids are together, we go mentally insane and everything becomes a little chaotic. In other words we had a blast. In the end we were like 7 people who walked in the parade, since many do several things and had to be elsewhere. It was a little bit akward but still fun.
On Friday the 20th we had the homecoming game against Ellicot. We won 44 to 7. A huge change from the last game which we lost 43 to 3. I really don't understand football, but it is fun to show school spirit, and since my boyfriend is on the football team I of course show up and support him.
Saturday the 21st was the day of the dance. I spend the day getting ready with Majo and a girl named Ashley. Isaac made dinner and we ate with his grandparents and my hostfamily. It was the first time we all got together and thnakfully it wasn't as awkward as I had feared it would be, plus the food was good :D
After dinner we went to the dance. It was a lot of fun. At first nobody danced because the dj were playing bad music, but as soon as a student took over as dj, the dance floor was full. There was however a lot of grinding going on (If you don't know what it is, it is girls rubbing their buts against boys crotches) but our group didn't really dance like that. I had a lot of fun, and it was nice to have someone to dance with during the slow songs. One of them were "Can't help falling in love" by Elvis.
I was a cat for spirit day

More Spirit week outfits can be seen under Friends ;D
Silly people at the homecoming game

Homecoming football game

sign making

The wonderful drama people who made signs

School spirit

I made purple highlights w/hairchalk for spirit day

Isaac, Preawa and I

Me in a band hat
Getting ready for homecoming w/Majo and Ashley

Isaac and I before Homecoming

Other stuff:
I've started doing ballet. Ben, James, Majo and I all do ballet on fridays at 1. It's fun but extremely hard and it is killing my legs.

One day after drama some of the boys had to choreograph a sword fighting scene, so I went with them to Alpine (One of the parks in town) It was really fun to see (and to hear the amazing sound the swords make when they bang together) especially since Aaron knows a thing or two about sword fighting, so they used real techniques. After they finished playing with swords, they started practising self-defence. They have all done some sort of fighting (Stuff like aikido) so they played around and taught me  some things (I now know what to do if someone tries to kidnap me from behind and how to put someone in a spinal lock). That was a really good and fun day.

Since I know a lot of you are wondering how I am doing I thought Id better write about that too. I am doing absolutely fantastic. I really feel that I fit in so well here, and I am so happy for the friends I have made. I feel like I can really be myself, and believe it or not, I am more geeky and outgoing here than at home (I know, I didn't think it was possible either) I also really like school and not just the social aspect of it like I normally do, but I actually like most of my classes and find the stuff we do really interesting (I will write a post about school later). I also feel better about myself than I have in a long time. I'm less insecure about how I look and things I say, and I feel a lot more confident in myself and the stuff I do and can accomplish. So all in all I am doing really great.

To sum everything up: I am happy, people are nice, my friends are weird, the family is good and life is great ;D
 - Malene
(Also I did not proof read this, so sorry for any mistakes I made  ;D)