tirsdag den 16. april 2013


Remember how I wrote that my school needed to write some info on my math ed for a school in the US? well it worked because at noon last Friday My Education called me and said that I had gotten a host family!!!!

I am going to Salida, Colorado! It's a small town with about 5,500 citizens. The school is called Salida High School and has about 350 students, so it's not very big either. From what I've read, it seems like Salida has a great sense of community, and that is something I have hoped to experience. I am also really happy that the school doesn't have like 3000 students, because this way I won't just be another kid in the crowd ;D
The nature in Salida is absolutely beautiful, and I predict many photos of it ;D 

the high school

My host family consists of mom Christi, dad Jeff and their two daughters Riley and Audrey. Riley is 6 and Audrey is 4, so I am going get 2 new little sisters ;D Christi works as a teacher and Jeff is a head mechanic. They have 3 cats, fish and chickens. They seem to be a bit more outdoorsy than me, but that probably won't hurt me ;D

I talked to Christi on the phone last Saturday. I was really nervous when I called them, but I didn't need to be. Christi sounded really nice and excited to hear from me. She said that they were all looking forward to see me, and then she asked some questions about whether or not I was okay with younger sibling, a small town etc. which I have absolutely no problem with (I have small siblings myself) She also said that they were planning a vacation to Maine in August, and asked if I wanted to come, which I of course said yes to ;D

overall I had a really good weekend, and it is nice to finally have an answer to questions such as "where are you going", "when are you going" and "Who is you hostfamily". I don't have the date for my flight yet, but school starts August 19th, so somewhere around that date. It was also really nice talking to Christi, it made me a lot less nervous, and now I am just excited! ;D

- Malene XD

onsdag den 3. april 2013

A year ago today

2 days ago it was a year since I went to the USA for the first time! I was in NY and Orlando with my mom, and it was soo great... I can't wait to experience more of that country!
Today it is a year ago since I met Nick Jonas in NY, and since I am a huge fan, I think that deserves a little notion on here ;D

- Malene

Host Family?

So yesterday I was looking on World Heritage site trying to find myself again, but this time I couldn't find myself under the tags I could before. The weird thing was that the other girls who were on the tag, were still there, so I started wondering if it meant something. And I guess I was right!

Today My Education called me and said that there was a family who wanted me, but the school wanted to know what kind of math education I had. In the USA they split it up, but in Denmark we have it all in one class, so I guess they need to know that I've had the kind they offer? or I don't know why, but Marianne from My Education said, they needed a written statement from my school saying which kind of math I've had.

I've just called my school, and they can have the statement ready on Friday, and now I am just hoping that everything goes okay, because if it does, then I think I have a family!!! I haven't gotten any info on them, World Heritage just wrote that they needed the statement... I am sooo excited and nervous, and hopefully there will be a new post with same title minus the ? very soon!

Until next time ;D