lørdag den 24. november 2012

Final application ;D

                                          (Random life quote ;D)

Now I've gotten the directions for my final application in an email. I have to write a letter to my host family, make a photo collage, get teacher recommendations, loads of vaccinations and sign a lot of papers. I also have to take a new picture because you have to be smiling with your teeth, and you can't have bare shoulders. I have until the 14th of December to finish it, so I better get started ;D When I am done with writing/signing/getting/making all of it , My Education will check it and then send it to America ;D I can't wait to send it, so the people in the US can start looking for a family. It all seems more and more real, the more I get done.... I can't wait! I've also tried to make a countdown to the last day of school, but so far it hasn't worked. I think there is about 187 days left ;D

'till next time
-Malene xoxo

P.s. If anybody is reading this (exchange students/People I know/People I don't know) it would be really great if you left a comment ;D

torsdag den 22. november 2012

Confirmation for admission!!!!

Earlier today I checked my mail (again) and saw that My Education had mailed me. They had sent the confirmation saying that I am a part of their program, so it is completely official now... I am going next year!!!;D So happy! Now all I need is to get the information for my aplication, so I can write, send it the America, and then they can start finding my perfect host family ;D I know I, amongst toher things, have to write a letter about my self and make a fotocollage, so even though I don't have the directions yet, I can still start on those 2 things ;D
'till next time
Malene xoxo

Interview and payment

So far I have been through 2 steps in my application process. In the beginning I had applied to another organisation, but since they had a lot of applicants and didn't have time to talk to me, they chose to send someone else. I then started to look after another organisation. That's when I discovered an organisation called My Education, and since they seemed like a good choice, I applied for an non-binding interview.

It didn't take long before they contacted me and planned the date for the interview. At the interview, the lady from My Education talked about what is was to be an exchange student, what to expect with the family, school, friends etc. She also told me a lot of practical stuff. We talked like we would in a normal conversation because she had to judge whether or not I was mature enough to be an exchange student. After all the information, she asked my parents to leave so we could talk alone. She started by asking if it was okay for us to speak English, and then she asked a few questions about my family and interest. She did this to see if my English was good enough. She then told me she thought I was very mature and ready to go, and that they would like to be the organisation to send me. Then my parents came back in, and we got the opportunity to ask questions. One of the question I had, was who their partner in the USA is. In my seek of knowledge about exchange in the USA, I was the documentary on DR1 about being abused by the host family, and the organisation they talked about in particular, was one named AISE, and fortunately My Education is only working with ASSE/World Heritage, who is completely okay.

After the interview, we all agreed that we thought it was a good organisation, so I wanted to accept the offer as soon as possible. After a couple of days, they sent the official offer, and yesterday I signed the contract and sent it and the first payment... ;D So I am now officially a part of the My Education exchange student program!  Now I have to wait for information about my final application (The one that gets send to World Heritage in the USA, so they can find my host family)

'till next time
Malene xoxo

tirsdag den 20. november 2012

New blog!

 I have now made a new blog!. I have made this blog because I am going to be an exchange the student next year, in the USA!!!! This is something I have dreamed about for the last 3-4 years, and now it's my reality. I am going for the next school year (13/14) but since I myself have read quite a lot of blogs I am also going to write about all the preparations ;D It is also why I am writing in English (though I am Danish and it is not my first language) because then more people can understand it, and my future host family and friends, can understand what I am writing ;D. I have been dreaming about going to the USA and experience their culture, way of living, but as always when something suddenly becomes a reality and you have to make decisions, you get scared. It made me think that if I didn't do it I would always be thinking: What if? (Like Mark Twain said in the pic, albeit a bit more poetic) so I thought I would share this picture (Above)with people who is thinking about going on an exchange (or any other big decision).
Now that I have made the decision I am really excited and can't wait for 9th grade to end, so I can leave for America. It is of course going to be hard to leave my family for 10 month, but on the other hand, I am going to experience to much that I (hopefully) don't have time to be homesick.
6 months and 10 days until the last day of school... but who's counting (Me;D)

In the next post I will write about what has happened so far ;D

'till next time!
-xoxo Malene ;D