lørdag den 24. november 2012

Final application ;D

                                          (Random life quote ;D)

Now I've gotten the directions for my final application in an email. I have to write a letter to my host family, make a photo collage, get teacher recommendations, loads of vaccinations and sign a lot of papers. I also have to take a new picture because you have to be smiling with your teeth, and you can't have bare shoulders. I have until the 14th of December to finish it, so I better get started ;D When I am done with writing/signing/getting/making all of it , My Education will check it and then send it to America ;D I can't wait to send it, so the people in the US can start looking for a family. It all seems more and more real, the more I get done.... I can't wait! I've also tried to make a countdown to the last day of school, but so far it hasn't worked. I think there is about 187 days left ;D

'till next time
-Malene xoxo

P.s. If anybody is reading this (exchange students/People I know/People I don't know) it would be really great if you left a comment ;D

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