onsdag den 30. januar 2013


We have now entered the new year, and I thinks it's time for an update. Somewhere around the December 17th I sent my final application to My Education. As mentioned before it consisted of a letter about myself (I am telling you, that was a lot harder to keep it under 2 pages than I thought) a lot of contracts to sign, a doctor statement and a photo collage. It took me longer than I had thought, especially because it had to be sent in both email and snail mail. When we had sent it I got a confirmation, and they said that I would hear more after the new year.

We did and they told us that they needed more signatures from my doctor, and that I had forgotten to sign two places. My doctor said that the vaccination they wanted me to have, isn't one you normally get in Denmark, so I had to talk to some travel-thingy to get it. My Education also told me that they would send the rest of the papers to America, so that they could start looking for a family for me. I have also gotten 2 out of three shots for the Hepatitis A/B.. The first one wasn't a double and it hurt really bad! but the second didn't hurt that much. That's what has happened so far ;D

On another note, I have been watching FRIENDS and I tried Chandler's 50 states game. I could remember 32 states (I didn't time it like they did) Maybe I should brush up in American geographic before I leave ;D

- Malene ;D

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