onsdag den 13. marts 2013


Some time ago I took the dreaded SLEP-test, and I can tell you; it is not that bad. It was actually really easy, and nothing compared to the danish afgangs prøve ting ;D I also got the results and I (thankfully, since I thought it was very easy) did very well. The highest score you can get is 67 and I got 66, so I feel good about it. 

I should have gotten my polio and some-other-weird-word-I-don't-remember vaccination today, but since I'm sick (:'C) we had to postpone... Again. So instead I decided to do a bit more research on World Heritage, and I went to heir website. They have a page where you can see a sort of preview version of the exchange students letter and I found myself! ;D It was a bit weird to see it on a website like that, but still pretty exciting to know that people can find me, and choose me ;D I can't wait till someone picks me, I am not very patient with these things.

I am also busy doing research on Denmark, so I can answer all the questions I am likely to get about my country ;D

-Malene ;D

p.s. Just saw that the headline was the same as the last one... hmm.. something tells me I am not very good at making these things up ;D

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