torsdag den 22. november 2012

Interview and payment

So far I have been through 2 steps in my application process. In the beginning I had applied to another organisation, but since they had a lot of applicants and didn't have time to talk to me, they chose to send someone else. I then started to look after another organisation. That's when I discovered an organisation called My Education, and since they seemed like a good choice, I applied for an non-binding interview.

It didn't take long before they contacted me and planned the date for the interview. At the interview, the lady from My Education talked about what is was to be an exchange student, what to expect with the family, school, friends etc. She also told me a lot of practical stuff. We talked like we would in a normal conversation because she had to judge whether or not I was mature enough to be an exchange student. After all the information, she asked my parents to leave so we could talk alone. She started by asking if it was okay for us to speak English, and then she asked a few questions about my family and interest. She did this to see if my English was good enough. She then told me she thought I was very mature and ready to go, and that they would like to be the organisation to send me. Then my parents came back in, and we got the opportunity to ask questions. One of the question I had, was who their partner in the USA is. In my seek of knowledge about exchange in the USA, I was the documentary on DR1 about being abused by the host family, and the organisation they talked about in particular, was one named AISE, and fortunately My Education is only working with ASSE/World Heritage, who is completely okay.

After the interview, we all agreed that we thought it was a good organisation, so I wanted to accept the offer as soon as possible. After a couple of days, they sent the official offer, and yesterday I signed the contract and sent it and the first payment... ;D So I am now officially a part of the My Education exchange student program!  Now I have to wait for information about my final application (The one that gets send to World Heritage in the USA, so they can find my host family)

'till next time
Malene xoxo

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