onsdag den 3. april 2013

Host Family?

So yesterday I was looking on World Heritage site trying to find myself again, but this time I couldn't find myself under the tags I could before. The weird thing was that the other girls who were on the tag, were still there, so I started wondering if it meant something. And I guess I was right!

Today My Education called me and said that there was a family who wanted me, but the school wanted to know what kind of math education I had. In the USA they split it up, but in Denmark we have it all in one class, so I guess they need to know that I've had the kind they offer? or I don't know why, but Marianne from My Education said, they needed a written statement from my school saying which kind of math I've had.

I've just called my school, and they can have the statement ready on Friday, and now I am just hoping that everything goes okay, because if it does, then I think I have a family!!! I haven't gotten any info on them, World Heritage just wrote that they needed the statement... I am sooo excited and nervous, and hopefully there will be a new post with same title minus the ? very soon!

Until next time ;D

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