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First days of school!

Time for a blog about my first day in school (Monday), which was AWESOME! I started the day with Maggie, who is the person who is responsible for all the exchange students. She is really nice and used to be an exchange student herself, so she knows what we go through. We filled out some paperwork and she told me that if I ever needed anything or someone to talk to, that I should let her know. Then she gave me a tour and showed me where all my classes are. During the tour she also introduced me to several students form drama and my other classes. My schedule is currently this:

-Earth Science (Haven't had this yet)
-Creative Writing
-American History
-ESL (Advisory)
-Business Law
-English 10

I didn't do Earth  Science since I was with Maggie during first hour, so my first American class ever was Creative Writing. I love that class. The environment is so friendly and the other kids (Everyone calls us kids, which is  a bit strange) are really nice. We sat in a circle reading from a book about writing, and when you read you got a Barbie sticker (the guys were ecstatic ;D) then we started writing on a story. Before I knew it, the class was over.

My next class was American History. I sat next to a nice guy I had met on the tour named James. He was very helpful and funny, and I found out that I have 3 classes (and drama) with him. the teacher in Am. History is a bit of a character. One minute he is all smiles and the next he is all serious and aggressive-ish. He was, however not boring at all, and everyone in the class sat quietly taking notes, so I guess the "bipolar" behavior is making everyone respect him. Students have a lot more respect for teachers here, so the classes aren't as chaotic as in Denmark.

Next up was ESL (don't remember what it stands for) with the 4 other exchange students and a girl named Eldie (I think that is how you spell her name). It's practically a class for us to get to know each other and  get help with homework if we need it. Sometimes we are gonna take small trips to ex. the courthouse, so we get to see more things. There are 4 other exchange students: Miguel from Brazil, Mahro from Equador, Camill from Poland and Pauwa from Thailand (I don't know how to spell their names, but this is how they sound) and they are all really nice. I have Am. History with Pauwa and Eldie. I especially liked talking to Eldie and we got along really well. Our teacher is Maggie.

After ESL I have lunch. Since it's a small school everyone eats lunch at the same time. I brought some noodely thingy (Love that word) and got hot water from the teacher office. That was also a good time to check in with Christi, who was anxious to see how my first day was going. After I got the water I went down to eat lunch with the other students. I ate lunch with one of the girls I had met at church, unfortunately I didn't really feel like I could talk to her and her friends, so lunch was kind of a bummer. It feels weird that lunch was the down part of my school day ;D

Originally my next class was Algebra 2 B, but I quickly found out that it was a lot of stuff I had never heard of, so I switched it. Maggie thought Algebra 2 A might be better, but they didn't teach it during 5th hour, so that didn't work. Then I checked out Algebra 1 but that was all freshmens (14 year olds) and it was waay too easy, so that didn't work either. About 5 mins. before the hour ended, Maggie figured out that I don't need to have math (!!!!!) so I got business law instead. Needless to say I didn't really have that class that day, since I spend the entire hour running from classroom, to classroom.

After a very stressing period I had English 10. I didn't really get to experience that class either, since they did a test I couldn't participate in, because I wasn't in the system yet. The teacher seemed nice though, and I have it with Miguel.

At the end of the day I had choir. Amazing class. We are currently singing the American national anthem, and it is kind of weird, since everyone but me knows it. But I love the class, and it's amazing that I get to sing everyday with other people who likes to sing!

After school there was Drama auditions. This year we are doing Monty Python and the Holy Grail. I think it went pretty well, and I met a lot more nice people, who I instantly got along with. It was just great. Also James asked if I wanted to hang out the next day, which I said yes to. After drama I got picked up by Christi.

We went to an open house at Salida Dance Studio and I am now doing ballet every friday at 1a.m. after the dance studio we went home.
All in all I had a pretty good first day of school.

The second day of school started out with Earth Science where we drew pictures of our hands and colored them... a bit weird, but it was something about respect and reliability that they had spend the entire week working on. But as far I could see on the syllables it is the same as our Geography and a little bit of chemistry. I also had Business Law which seems to be very interesting. At the end of the year we are going to have a civil law case, where we are the lawyers and stuff. It is a small class, but the teacher is nice.
In English we started a new writing project, so I am going to be writing a lot between English and Creative Writing. It seems like it is going to be fun.
At lunch I ate with the other drama kids, and my stomach was literally hurting from laughing too much. It was a much better lunch than the first day, and I really felt like I fit in.

After school I hung out with James. We went to the Alpine park and the weather was great, a perfect day for hanging out  in the park. We pretty much just talked, climbed on the playground and had several grass fights (which I totally won.... or something ;D) I had a lot of fun, especially since James is a pretty funny guy, but for some unknown reason my phone decided to stop receiving texts, so when Christi texted me saying I should be home by 7pm (We had to pack and get up early to leave for Maine) I didn't get the message. She called me around 7:30 asking why I wasn't home yet, so I explained that I hadn't gotten the message and hurried home. Once I got home and explained what hat happened, all was good again, they were just worried because I hadn't written back. My curfew is now at 9 on school nights and 11 one the weekends ;D

The next morning we had to wake up at 4 am (!!!! ;C) to leave for Maine, but I will write more about that later, right now I need to sleep ;D

- Malene XD

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