torsdag den 2. januar 2014

Date night

Today I went to Mitchell's house with Isaac and had new years dinner. Mom (That is Mitchell's mom, but everybody calls her that) made stroodle (hope I spelled that right), roast and potatoes, and it was really good. While we were waiting for the food we played rock band, a game I haven't played since my SFO days, and it was really fun, right untill the x-box decided not to play anymore. Then we played some card games.

After food at Mitchell's me and Isaac went on a double date with Orion and Greta (the original dinner plans). We went to this asian restaurant in Buena Vista and had sushi. Now sushi isn't something you come across often in Colorado, especially not good sushi, so it was really great to have it again. At the restaurant their was a band playing this hapoy, dancey music anno 1950. They sounded really good, although they were a bit too loud for a small restaurant. After dinner we all went back to Isaac's and watched stand-up.
Today was a good day :-)
- Malene

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