torsdag den 2. januar 2014

New years eve

Happy new year everybody and welcome to 2014! Before I left I was told that new years eve isn't quite as a big deal here, so needless to say I wasn't all that excited for it. But my new years eve turned out to be really great. I spent it with my friends Aaron, Orion and Greta and of course Isaac.
I watched the boys play x-box (my walking skills in Skyrim are still questionable, so I let them do the playing), they tried to teach me Risk, and succesfully taught me a card game named Bullshit.
Because I am used to a bigger party we went and got partypoppers and sillystring from walmart, and Isaac's mom had a little bit of fireworks. A couple of minutes before midnight we all gathered in the living room and watched the countdown from times square and at 12 I got my first new years midnight kiss. Righy after we all went out and set of the fireworks (a very small battery and a smoke thingy) and then we watched Mariah Carey sing in the new year. My curfew had been extended to 1am and I went to bed around 2. Like I said in the beginning it was a pretty great new years eve, and if it has anything to say about 2014, then the next year is gonna be awesome!
- Malene

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