torsdag den 28. november 2013

Halloween (Old post that I refuse not to finish)

Thursday the 31st of October it was Halloween. Since we don't celebrate it in Denmark, it was my first time and it was awesome. At school it was allowed to wear costumes, which of course me and my friends took full advantage of. I was a vampire (I found cheap teeth at Safeway and a cheap dress at Walmart) and I seriously think that there should be more days where you can wear costumes to school.

After school I went home for a bit and then we went to one of Christi's friend's house for a halloween party. Seeing all those little kids in their costumes really made my night. Especially a mini Captain America and Spiderman who repeatedly tried to kill me. Their lack of wood bullets and stakes made this a hard task. I guess that's what you get for dressing up as a bad guy :-)

After the party trick-or-treated a bit with Riley and Audrey, and then I walked to safeway to meet my friends. We ended up being a much bigger group than originally, which just made it that more fun. We also went trick-or-treating, and though it was a bit awkward at first, I soon realized that it wasn't frowned upon, and joines the fun.

A tradition in Salida is the Thriller flashmob where a bunch of citizens (including my choir teacher) dress up as zombies and do a dance to the Michael Jackson song Thriller in the middle of the street. It was pretty cool.

After we finished getting candy from strangers, we went to Aaron's house to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show. Since I have only watched this alone before, watching it with other people (especially people who know all the responses and words to the songs) was pretty awesome. We sang along, Aaron's mom told when to say/do what and everbody got up to do the time warp. One of the beat things though was heckling the storyteller/crime investigator guy with neck jokes. At first we all did it, but in the end we realized that nobody could beat Adrian, and we all just listened to his great, and quite inventive, heckling :-)

This was another one of those nights where I just sat among all these people I get along with so well, and thought how happy and lucky I am to be here. It truly was a great first and last halloween.
(I have pictures and they will be uploaded when I get on my computer again)

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