torsdag den 28. november 2013

String Quartet and poetry slam (old post I just got around to posting)

Thursday (many Thursdays ago) in choir instead of singing like normally, we went to the auditorium to watch a string quartet perform. It was eight people (Two quartets) from Colorado symphony that cam and performed for us. It was really a middle school performance, but since we are in choir we got to watch as well. They played two songs each and then a song all together. Before each song the woman explained a bit about the composer and the history of the song, and how they were different from each other, which was interesting but probably a bit too much information. The songs they played were really good and it sounded very beautiful. I was very amazed at how fast they can move their fingers!

My creative writing class and I (and some more people from the school) went to Western State university for a poetry day. We were divided up into groups with other schools, and then we went out to 4 different workshops. It was the creative writing class at the college who taught us, and they performed some of their poetry too. It was really fun and we learnt a lot about different types of writing.

The college students performing poetry

Me and Tylea got a bit creative in one of the workshops

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