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The school

After last semester I changed my schedule quite a bit. Since I don't need the credits I now have as many creative classes as I can. This is what my schedule looks like now.

1st hour - Band:
This is instead of earth science that I had the first semester, and since I don't really play an orchestra instrument, our band teacher Mr. Wilkins told me to learn the trombone, and so I did. My friend Matthew is the other trombone player and he helped me get the basics of trombone down. I have been playing since Christmas and I'm pretty proud of how I'm doing. I'm nowhere near as good as the other people in the band and I don't get all the notes right in our songs, but I still think I'm doing pretty well for only having played for 3 months.

2nd hour - Creative Writing.
I had this class last semester as well. Last semester was fiction centered, and now we are learning about memoirs. Of course, since we are in creative writing, we make it very story like. I have Miss Francis for this class and she is a very fun teacher. She hasn't forgotten the little girl inside her, and have, among other things, hello kitty stuff in her classroom. Creative writing is always a fun and relaxed class and I think half of us are drama kids, which means fun time and a little bit of chaos ensures.

3rd hour - American History
Normally history classes can easily be boring, but not when you have Mr. Archembeu as your teacher. He is very passionate about his teaching. He makes the class interesting by mixing current affairs with history lessons. We are kept on our toes with sarcasm, joking and switching between serious and fun. All this is needed since this class is lecture based and we mostly listen and take notes, but thankfully it isn't boring. I really like this class.

4th hour - Art 1
I used to have ESL here and I also had it during the first two weeks of this senester, but then Maggie said that I don't really need the help with English, and she transferred me into art. I really dont mind. I have always dabbled with drawing, but never really learned how to, but now I am. We do a sketchbook each weekend on our own, and then have themes going on in class. Right now we are playing with clay. We are making ritual masks and small magnet masks. I have a lot of fun and I am so happy Maggie tranfered me.

This is when we eat! The cafeteria is like in the movies where every group have their own table where they sit. Our table is the first one that is closest to the window, and often we have too many people of our table. The people sitting there changes a bit, but our core group is always the same; me, Aaron, Orion, riccie, Greta, bryceton and Adrian.

5th hour - English 10 Honor
This semester I switched out of normal English and are now taking the honors version which means its advanced English. This class is also taught by miss Francis, and we are just finishing up reading Julius Caesar. In this class we don't just read the plays, we act it out. By this I mean that we each get assigned a part and read it out dramatically.

This is an half hour class we have each day. For some reason I have Junior advisory. Every Monday and Wednesday we have DEAR drop everything and read. Tuesday we have actual advisory where we talk about college stuff, and then on Thursdays we have study hall.

6th hour - TA aka. Do-nothing-in-the-library-hour
A TA mean Teachers Assistant and I am it for Maggie, who very conveniently isn't at the school during this hour and so it pretty much works like a study hall/off hour. This is quite great for catching up on homework or for taking a nap. Most of the time I'm watching Aaron play video games whilst trying to make tumble work.

7th hour - Choir
In choir we sing. Simple as that. We are currently working on our choir concert (where I have a solo). I am so happy that I get to sing every day and expand my vocal skills. However it is a bit rough when when we have it first thing in the morning.

The way I wrote the schedule is how it is when it is on purple schedule. White schedule is the other way around and it changes every two weeks. We are currently on white achedule. The changes gets a bit confusing sometimes.

Until next time

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